Service status

Server Service Status Last check Response time
Shell host FTP OK 194 sec ago 87 ms
Shell host SSH OK 193 sec ago 257 ms
Shell host SMTP OK 193 sec ago 289 ms
Shell host HTTP OK 194 sec ago 111 ms
Shell host HTTPS OK 193 sec ago 488 ms
Shell host IMAPS OK 193 sec ago 346 ms
Shell host POP3S OK 193 sec ago 330 ms
Gitlab server SSH OK 194 sec ago 96 ms
Gitlab server Web interface OK 193 sec ago 354 ms
Nextcloud HTTPS OK 193 sec ago 377 ms
Nextcloud WebDAV OK 193 sec ago 313 ms
Wiki server HTTPS OK 193 sec ago 349 ms
VM host HTTPS OK 193 sec ago 239 ms
Wargames HTTP OK 194 sec ago 116 ms
Wargames Target 1 OK 194 sec ago 95 ms
Wargames Target 2 OK 194 sec ago 106 ms
Wargames Target 3 OK 194 sec ago 105 ms
Tor search 2 HTTP OK 193 sec ago 151 ms

Known issues

Main server degraded performance

Aug 15 2017
Following last weeks hardware failure we are currently still running in degraded performance mode with only half the CPU cores available. Since we need to source some new hardware to permanently fix this, it will likely take a few weeks before we are back to full capacity.