Service status

Server Service Status Last check Response time
Shell host FTP OK 111 sec ago 112 ms
Shell host SSH OK 111 sec ago 90 ms
Shell host SMTP OK 111 sec ago 128 ms
Shell host HTTP OK 111 sec ago 154 ms
Shell host HTTPS OK 110 sec ago 306 ms
Shell host IMAPS OK 111 sec ago 232 ms
Shell host POP3S OK 111 sec ago 246 ms
Shell host MySQL DOWN 111 sec ago 63 ms
Gitlab server SSH OK 111 sec ago 88 ms
Gitlab server Web interface OK 110 sec ago 329 ms
Nextcloud HTTPS OK 110 sec ago 362 ms
Nextcloud WebDAV OK 110 sec ago 342 ms
Wiki server HTTPS OK 110 sec ago 495 ms
VM host HTTPS OK 111 sec ago 247 ms
Wargames HTTP OK 111 sec ago 134 ms
Wargames Target 1 OK 111 sec ago 104 ms
Wargames Target 2 OK 111 sec ago 105 ms
Wargames Target 3 OK 111 sec ago 88 ms
Tor search 2 HTTP OK 111 sec ago 150 ms

Known issues

Network issues

Dec 9 2017
During the early hours of December 8th we suffered a lightning strike which damaged some of our routing equipment. We have now replaced the faulty equipment with a permanent new machine. Everything should be back to normal.

Main server degraded performance

Aug 15 2017
Following last weeks hardware failure we are currently still running in degraded performance mode with only half the CPU cores available. Since we need to source some new hardware to permanently fix this, it will likely take a few weeks before we are back to full capacity.

MySQL service DOWN

Dec 1 2016
The MySQL service is reported as being down because we are currently not allowing external connections to it. This is a security consideration because of a known MySQL bug. We will restore external connectivity at such time as it is deemed safe to do so.